Rabu, 14 Juni 2017

My Second "Pesantren Holiday"

yup, this year was my second "Pesantren holiday" ....😊😊 For once i feel its was very bored, but next ... I really enjoy 😄😄😄

Many things that i learn here ....

Hope next i can be good muslimah, aamiin ...

*this little pic from my "adventure" @ pesantren holiday 😉😉

Senin, 05 Juni 2017

My Medallion

I got my first medallion for hapkido championship ... 😊

Alhamdulillah ....
I really happy for that 😉😉😉 my workout for many month is worth it.

I will always try the best to be next champion 💪💪, Insyaallah...😊😊😊